Climate Pros launches refrigeration monitoring solution, WatchTower


GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. (May 12, 2020) – Climate Pros, a leading full-service commercial HVAC and refrigeration specialist, recently announced the launch of WatchTower, a scalable, cloud-based digital service solution for monitoring refrigeration equipment. WatchTower’s services range from preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics to equipment monitoring and automated call dispatching.

Working across any footprint, WatchTower gives operators a comprehensive view of all refrigeration assets at once. The program collects all relevant sensor data from a facility’s refrigeration equipment — utilizing predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate failures before they occur, tune systems for energy-efficient operation and improve performance over time.

“WatchTower is the first software offering in the industry that was developed by technicians who understand the business ― and it’s the only digital service solution backed by our refrigeration pros,” said Tony Legeza, program director with Climate Pros. “By giving them greater visibility, actionable insights and peace of mind, WatchTower keeps operations ahead of the curve.”

WatchTower’s advanced AI detects equipment problems before they reach a critical level ― lowering the risk of catastrophic failure, costly downtime and loss of product. When its algorithms indicate a risk, the software diagnoses the root cause, notifies the customer’s preferred maintenance provider and runs post-service checks to ensure the proper corrective action was taken. The service also offers custom reporting capabilities ensuring FDA/HACCP compliance.

WatchTower requires no additional hardware and operates through a connection to the facility’s existing refrigeration supervisory control system. With just an IP address, it can be up and running within minutes. WatchTower can also be a valuable tool for operations with self-contained equipment that lacks a centralized refrigeration system or supervisory control applications. These facilities can still take advantage of critical monitoring, alarming and reporting functions, backed by Climate Pros’ expertise.
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Headquartered in Glendale Heights, Illinois, Climate Pros provides refrigeration maintenance, repair, remodel, installation and 24/7 emergency service to grocery retailers and other cold-chain customers. They serve hundreds of brands and thousands of locations nationwide with highly trained and competent service technicians and boast a 90+% “one & done” rate for first-time fixes driven by proper inventory on trucks. As a forward-looking company full-abreast of the latest trends and regulations and backed by its core values, Climate Pros focuses on leveraging technology to better serve customers. For more information, visit

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